Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East


Bishop of Egypt's report on his pastoral visit to Western Ethiopia

Dr Mouneer Anis travels to Gambella and Tunis to visit the growing churches of the Horn of Africa and North Africa


Andrew White cleared of all charges

Police find "Vicar of Baghdad" did not pay ransom to ISIS to redeem sex slaves


Bishop Mouneer urges Egyptians to vote in Presidential elections

Statement from Bishop of Egypt on the 26-28 March 2018 elections for president and parliament


Bishop Anis awarded Hubert Walter medal

Bishop of Egypt honored for his work in promoting "reconciliation and interfaith cooperation"


Christmas church attack kills nine in Egypt

Terrorists strike as Egyptian churches brace for violence. Many spared as bomb fails to go off.


Bishop of Egypt Christmas sermon 2017

Dr Mouneer Anis' Christmas sermon preached at All Saints Cathedral in Cairo


Carey visit to Damascus prompts MPs outrage

Labour MPs denounce archbishop's visit to Syriac Orthodox Patriach as a propaganda coup for Bashir al-Assad


Egyptian prison ministry appeal

Diocese seeking funds to repatriate foreign prisoners from Egypt


Cairo church conference center opens

A new conference centre in the centre of Cairo has been opened by the Diocese of Egypt. The All Saints’ Garden Conference Centre is in Zamalek – an island within the River Nile.