Church of Ireland


Irish prayers for God's intervention in the "fodder crisis"

Cold and wet weather has seen many farmers "run out of fodder to feed their cattle"


Bishop endorses lifting Ireland's abortion ban

Pastoral letter from the first Anglican bishop to come out in favor of eliminating the Irish constitution's anti-abortion clause.


Church of Ireland rejects easing of Irish abortion laws

The Church of Ireland's two archbishops have said they cannot accept a govt proposal to allow unrestricted abortion during the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy.


Irish church leaders issue call for an end to sectarian violence

On the United Nations’ Universal Children’s Day (20th November), Church leaders in Ireland have added their voices to those calling for an end to all paramilitary attacks in Northern Ireland.


Irish synod rejects gay apology motioun

The Church of Ireland’s General Synod has declined to apologize to same-sex couples whose relationships the church has refused to bless.


Irish folklorist suggests St Patrick had a wife

St Patrick has long been associated with snakes and shamrocks but the fact that he had a wife has largely been confined to the annals of history according to a folklorist from University College Co


Christmas message from the Bishop of Down & Dromore

At the very heart of the Christmas story lie the words of Mary when she powerfully says: ‘Be it unto me according to your word.’ Here we have the most important interaction ever between God and a human being


Christmas message from the Archbishops of Armagh

A joint Christmas message from the Primates of the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches in Ireland, Archbishops Richard Clarke and Eamon Martin.