Church of England


Does God have a gender?

Gavin Ashenden discusses the nature of God with BBC Newsnight


God the Father is not really a Father, archbishop notes

Descriptions of God are always “to some degree metaphorical” Archbishop Welby says


Blackburn Cathedral is Muslim territory after Islamic call to prayer

Jules Gomes examines the theological consequences of permitting the muzzein's call in an Anglican Cathedral


Cathedrals and Contradictioun

Gavin Ashenden comments on the Islamic call to prayer controversy at Blackburn Cathedral


Cathedral launches its own brand gin

Blackburn dean: "It’s about engaging with people; that’s our core business"


Diocese of Oxford: a case study in radical inclusion

[F]rom 2013 Archbishop Justin Welby and his team developed a new policy of gradually making the church more LGBT friendly while avoiding stirring up opposition 


Parliamentarians open letter in support of Asia Bibi

Bishops of St Albans, Durham and Coventry endorse call for asylum for Asia Bibi


UK Government commits £12 million to champion freedom of Religion or Belief worldwide

“As the Prime Minister’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief, I will ensure that the UK stands up for everyone’s right to practise or not practise a religion that is in line with their conscience, wherever they are in the world.”