Church of England


Archbishop of Canterbury hosts disability conference at Lambeth Palace

Welby says it is "vital" for the Church to engage in "deep listening to those with lived experience of disability"


The young are the most open towards Christianity, British study finds

A new survey commissioned by Hodder Faith & Home for Good indicates that perceptions of Christianity may be shifting – post-millennials are the most open of all generations towards Christianity


Lambeth denies any bullying of the primates

No attempt to sway primates not to attend GAFCON III, ACNS asserts


Bullying the primates across the Rubicon

Prof. Stephen Noll looks at the games being played by the Anglican establishment in London


Fulcrum Response to GAFCON 2018

Centrist evangelical group releases statement on GAFCON III


The Global Anglican crack up

The provinces of the Anglican Communion today have little in common beyond a historical connection to the Church of England.


Satire and Insanity

Fr Dwight Longenecker admires Jules Gomes ability to elicit outrage from the CoE


Bishop Graham Tomlin and the Demonization of Israel

Anglican Bishop Graham Tomlin, [is the Diocese of London's area bishop of] Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which has many of London's 


Church plant paper released by the CoE

"Its the culture, stupid" opines George Conger -- the CoE's church planting program penalizes success and subsidizes failure