Anglican Church of Australia


Church court backs Sydney program of extra-diocesan affiliation

[N]one of the constitutional grounds advanced for invalidity of the Ordinance have been established.


Australia to offer Asia Bibi asylum

Government sources have this afternoon confirmed that it will make an offer of asylum to Asia Bibi if Canada does not do so in the coming days


Bishop of Ballarat will not be promoting same-sex blessing liturgy

The Bishops’ Agreement appears to be having its effect in restraining any precipitous actions, writes David Ould


Canberra-Goulburn Elects a New Bishop

The Reverend Dr Mark Short has been elected as the eleventh Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.


Sydney offers guidelines of use of church properties

Bridge in, Yoga out. Synod sets parameters of what is allowed on church property


Same-sex blessings fall short in Australia

David Ould reports on the political defeats suffered by the gay movement at this past week's Australian synods


Archbishop rejects ‘mischief making’ over Ruddock Report

Sydney Anglican Schools do not expel students for being gay, Archbishop Davies told his diocesan synod


Missing: schools that expel gay students

John Sandeman investigates the fake crisis over expelling gay students from private schools