The religion of socialism is the opium of the elitist Archbishop Justin Welby

Raising his clenched fist in a sanctified Stalinist salute, the Archbishop of Canterbury delivered a fiery podium-thumping speech to the Trades Union Congress, exposing himself as a full Monty socialist.


‘Thought Crime’ ~ Policing in England today.

Gavin Ashenden looks at the death of common sense in British policing


A de-conversion story

Jules Gomes reviews: Just Love: A journey of self-acceptance


Homily for the 14th Sunday after Trinity

Gavin Ashenden speaks on the theme "Purify the heart" 


Digging between the lines in UK media responses to the testimony of Archbishop Viganò

The flight from reporting to opinion and advocacy journalism is on full display in the first day reports from the British secular press of the Viganò affair


Making Jew hatred respectable in Britain

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain’s Labour party is proving to be a worthy successor to his anti-Semitic forbears in Parliament.