Syria and the Western Christian conscience

Conspiracy theories are bad for one’s mental health writes Gavin Ashenden


Silence of the episcopal lambs

Cardboard cutout bishops stand silent as Justin Welby makes an ass of himself


The religious roads leading inexorably to a Syrian apocalypse

ISIS views the war in Syria not as a struggle against Assad, but as the apocalypse which will usher in the return of the Madhi and the defeat of the anti-Christ by a Muslim Jesus, writes Jules Gomes


The serious fight for truth

As Robert Fisk interviews the doctor at the Douma clinic in Syria who claims the injuries were caused by dust, Gavin Ashenden questions our own Establishment’s reliance on propaganda.


Syria, censorship and ‘The t/Times’.

Gavin Ashenden questions The Times' cheerleading for war in Syria


Former Nigerian govt minister denounces Welby's ties to the Buhari regime

"You should bow your head in shame and ask God for forgiveness," writes former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fadi-Kayode


Why Christians must rub salt in society’s wounds

The church becomes irrelevant precisely when it marries the zeitgeist