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Christian Support for Zionism is a Danger says CoE clergyman

The Arab-Israeli conflict is perpetuated by misguided Christians who are the primary supporters of Zionism, Stephen Sizer argues


Same-sex blessings fall short in Australia

David Ould reports on the political defeats suffered by the gay movement at this past week's Australian synods


Missing: schools that expel gay students

John Sandeman investigates the fake crisis over expelling gay students from private schools


Evangelical bishops issue blunt warning to Church of England on sexuality

Christian Today's David Baker reports on today's letter to the Living in Love and Faith project chaired by Bishop Christopher Cocksworth


The Anglican future on display in Scotland?

Fiat experimentum in corpore vili - The progression from Anglo-Catholicism to Liberal Catholicism


Pakistan reserves verdict in Asia Bibi blasphemy case

Top court to announce verdict 'later' in final appeal by Christian mother facing execution for insulting Prophet Muhammad


Church in Wales sees 15% decline in attendance in five years

Statistics released at last month's meeting of the Governing Body shows the Church in Wales in demographic freefall


Bishop of Egypt's report on his pastoral visit to Western Ethiopia

Dr Mouneer Anis travels to Gambella and Tunis to visit the growing churches of the Horn of Africa and North Africa


Christian Concern asks for prayer for victim of human trafficking

Sarah "has been rescued from a horrendous 12-year ordeal at the hands of an Islamic grooming gang, and desperately needs your prayers."