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Church of England offers sympathy, but will not press the govt to save Asia Bibi

Questions poised by MPs to the Second Church Estates Commission on Asia Bibi and the persecution of Christians


Who is supplying the Fulani with guns, asks bishop

Questions in the House of Lords: Bishop of Carlisle asks if Nigerian Government can be asked how Fulani herders are getting weaponry


Filipino Protestant prelate leads anti-martial law protest

Military rule in Mindanao has resulted in 'state fascism and tyranny, says Bishop Antonio Ablon


Briefly noted: Liberal Irish prelate to chair board of governors of the Anglican Centre in Rome

The Rt. Rev. Michael Burrows, the Church of Ireland's Bishop of Cashel, Ferns & Ossory has been tapped to replace the Rt. Rev. Stephen Platten


Church court backs Sydney program of extra-diocesan affiliation

[N]one of the constitutional grounds advanced for invalidity of the Ordinance have been established.


Bishop levels assault charges against priest/parish council

Bishop in Karnataka South claims he was pulled by his pectoral cross during a melee at a parish in Mysore


Former archbishop of Burma dead

The Most Rev. Samuel San Si Htay passed away on 14 Nov 2018


Bishop of Ballarat will not be promoting same-sex blessing liturgy

The Bishops’ Agreement appears to be having its effect in restraining any precipitous actions, writes David Ould