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Former British PM James Callaghan honored at Westminster Abbey

A memorial ledger stone to the Right Honourable The Lord Callaghan of Cardiff KG was dedicated in the north-west corner of the nave of Westminster Abbey on Tuesday 7th July 2015.


Bruno Complaint survives first test

The charges presented against the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno on their face constitute a cause of action for misconduct, the presiding bishop's office has held.


The New Episcopal Church: What Hath General Convention 2015 Wrought?

The Episcopal Church runs the risk of cutting itself off from the very documents that give it identity (including Holy Scripture, the Book of Common Prayer and the Constitution). This is now a fait accompli. We have before us a New Episcopal Church. 


Climate change focus for York's visit to Fiji

Archbishop Sentamu is to visit Samoa, Tonga and Fiji to lead a series of Leadership Reflections on Climate Change 


Call for the election for the second bishop of the Diocese of the Great Lakes

The Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes has issued a call for the appointment of a co-adjutor


Chief Justice calls for the church to clean up Ghana

The antidote to corruption and crime was the moral transformation of the nation, said the Hon. Georgina Theodora Woode and that could only be accomplished by the church.


Murder at Delhi Anglican school

Police are investigating the murders of two security guards at an Anglican school in New Delhi as a possible sectarian crime


Site issues with Comments

Anglican Ink uses the third party vendor Disqus to provide and moderate our comments.  About 10 days ago (after we did a Drupal update) our comments stopped working.


Churchgoers encouraged to contact MPs over assisted suicide Bill

Churchgoers are being encouraged to contact their MPs to highlight the risks involved in proposed legislation to legalise assisted suicide.


Italian missionary elected Anglican Bishop of Natal

A former Roman Catholic priest and current Anglican Bishop of Zululand, the Rt. Rev. Dino Gabriel, has been elected bishop of Natal.


Locked out LA church growing

Letter from St James the Great Newport Beach


Japanese church urges defeat of govt rearmament bills

"[W]e want peace, not war. Peace can only be achieved through peaceful diplomacy.”


815 acknowledgement of Bruno complaint

The Office of the Presiding Bishop has informed the Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno that a complaint of misconduct has been filed against him.


Brazilian Church next to introduce gender neutral marriage canons

Statement by the Primate of the IEAB, the Most Rev. Francisco de Assis da Silva 


Canterbury meeting with Redeemed Christian Church of God

The Archbishop of Canterbury met and prayed with leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God today.


Bishop Robinson calls for Congress to reject the First Amendment Defense Act

Former Bishop of New Hampshire launches petition campaign to rally the religious left against Republican bill


Love letter from Albany

The Bishop of Albany has written to his clergy directing them not to solemnize same-sex marriages.


No gay Episcopal weddings at the MK

The Episcopal Bishop of Central Florida has written to his diocese forbidding the celebration of rites for the blessing of same-sex marriage.


USCIRF concerned by rise in violence in Nigeria

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hundreds of people have been killed in Boko Haram terrorist attacks throughout northern Nigeria and in sectarian violence in the Middle Belt during the past two months.


Bishops intransigence left parish no choice

St James Newport Beach responds to Bishop Bruno's claims


Pastoral letter on marriage by the Bishop of Springfield

General Convention's authorization of trial rites for same-sex marriage was a "profound and tragic mistake" - Daniel Martins


Religious freedom under assault in Muslim countries -- Lord Carey

"The fact that we have to face honestly is that so much of the trouble is in countries dominated by Islam" - George Carey


Religious freedom superior to state defined civil rights, Archbishop tells parliament

"Religious freedom ... stands beneath the law, supporting it, creating the circumstances in which you can have effective law; and has done in this country since the sealing of Magna Carta eight hundred years ago – negotiated by my predecessor Archbishop Langton – which in its first clause says: ‘the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired.’" - Justin Welby


No gay marriage for the Caribbean, West Indian archbishops say

May only be a "matter of time" before US forces the Caribbean to adopt gay marriage, fears Drexel Gomez


HK Inland Revenue sues Anglican Church over property sale profits

Hong Kong tax man seeking HK$180 million in taxes from the Anglican Church from land sale


Australian archbishop calls for the church get out of the civil marriage business

“It might be time to make sanctioning legal marriage a matter purely for the state," says Archbishop Philip Freier of Melbourne


Francis makes ecumenical overture towards Anglicans

Christian unity does not mean Christian conformity, Pope Francis told a gathering of 50,000 Catholic Charismatics last week


The health of our banks and the health of our souls

"[M]ost basic financial principles were being ignored yet RBS executives were feted as ‘Masters of the Universe’ by the Harvard Business School. How could it have all gone so wrong?" Lee Rayfield - Bishop of Swindon


AS Haley comments on the Bruno affair

It will be interesting to watch this scenario play out -- whether the Bishop can remain on top of the situation will require that he first rein in his attack dogs, and begin treating donors and parishioners for the valued assets they are.


Presentment filed against the Rt. Rev J Jon Bruno

Documents filed in the Bruno case -- with the names of the complainants redacted


Misconduct complaint filed against Bishop Jon Bruno

"While the complaint did not suggest the bishop received a kickback for selling the property at half its market value, the complaint alleges the bishop needed a quick infusion of cash to finance two other property transactions."


Former Bishop of Western New York dead at 82

The Rt. Rev. David C. Bowman, Ninth Bishop of Western New York and Assisting Bishop of Ohio, died on July 10, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, at age 82, shortly following a stroke.


Questions on Homosexualty presented to the Church of England's General Synod

Questions on gay marriage, homophobia and homosexuality, and funding of the church's conversation on homosexuality


Archbishop of York's statement on York Minster Gay Pride parade

“Clergy of the Diocese are entitled to express varying views on the question of human sexuality."


Benedict on Music as the encounter with the divine

[I]n no other cultural domain is there a music of greatness equal to that which was born in the domain of the Christian faith. From Palestrina to Bach, to Händel, even down to Mozart, Beethoven, and Bruckner, Western music is something unique, which has no equals in the other cultures.


Kenyan bishop kidnapped

The Bishop of Bondo in the Anglican Church of Kenya was kidnapped by criminals last week, but was released unharmed the following day after being stripped of all his valuables. 


Anglican report from Athens

The Anglican chaplain of Athens has told Premier Christian Radio the country must make significant cuts in government spending and reform its corrupt tax and health systems for the country to return to prosperity.


Phnom Penh parish breaks ground

Construction is set to start on the largest Christian Church in Cambodia


Church of England Pensions Board reports 13% return on assets for 2014

The Church of England Pensions Board reports that the value of its assets increased in value by 13 per cent over 2014, with a year end valuation of $2.83 billion (£1.82 billion).


Reform Response to the US Episcopal Church Resolution on Marriage

Last week The Episcopal Church in the USA redefined the definition of marriage and approved liturgy for the blessing of same-sex marriages.


GAFCON: TEC decision ‘a mistake with serious consequences’

TEC decision ‘a mistake with serious consequences’

A Response to The Episcopal Church of the United States’ (TEC) decision to make ‘Same – Sex Marriage’ official


Sydney diocesan trust goes green

Managers of the Diocese of Sydney’s investment fund have announced they will divest fossil fuel and gambling stocks from their £130 portfolio


A Strange Land

Michael Ramsey, at his enthronement as Archbishop of Canterbury, said: “Help one another, serve one another, for the times are urgent, and the days are evil.”


Episcopal Church adopts new alcohol policies in wake of Heather Cook affair

“I am Mark and I am an alcoholic,” the Bishop of Ohio, the Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth, said on 1 July 2015 when he rose to introduce three resolutions brought to the House of Bishops by the Legislative Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.


Communion across Difference statement from the Bishops of the Episcopal Church

Episcopal Bishops release statement honoring the minority in the debates over same-sex marriage, promising toleration and respect.


Terry Kelshaw fading

Former Rio Grande bishop near death


Statement of dissent issued by bishops to gay marriage vote

18 20 bishops have released a statement of dissent to the 78th General Convention's endorsement of trial rites for the blessing of same-sex marriage


Episcopal Church enacts gender neutral marriage

“Officials with the Episcopal Church have enacted policies that the vast majority of Anglican Christians refute as contrary to both scripture and the tradition that has been passed down to us."


Global South Statement on TEC marriage vote

"By this action, TEC has chosen by its own will and actions in clear knowledge to depart from the Anglican Communion's standard teaching on human sexuality ..."


Bishops reject call to study question of "Open Communion"

By a vote of 79-77 the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church has rejected a resolution calling for the creation of a task force to examine the issue of whether the church should allow those not baptized to receive Holy Communion.


Sweet Poetic Justice for the Bishop of LA

So the Diocese of Los Angeles, already out of pocket some $4 to $5 million in its battle to recover the St. James property, and hoping to turn it into a neat $10 million net profit, may face still more legal costs and attorneys' fees, only to find out that the property has to remain a church after all.


Climate change battles - could Pope Francis’ encyclical be a decisive new ally?

The course of European history was at the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 1815. Exactly 200 years later, Pope Francis released his encyclical Laudate Si’. Will this change the course of history and bring victory for a sustainable future at the climate change talks in Paris in November this year?


Bishops back gender neutral marriage

“If our Lord is the son of God … God incarnate. He is quite aware of the nature of marriage and could have offered alternatives but did not,” BIshop William Love said in opposition to the bill.


Bishop of Taunton appointed

The Queen has approved the nomination of the Venerable Ruth Worsley, Archdeacon of Wiltshire in the diocese of Salisbury, to the Suffragan See of Taunton in the diocese of Bath and Wells in success


Episcopal Church on its way towards adopting gay marriage

The 78th General Convention is likely to adopt trial rites for the blessing of same-sex marriages, but also will allow dissenting dioceses and clergy the legal right to opt out.


Michael Curry lays out his vision for the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church of the future he hoped would be catholic in doctrine, evangelistic in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, soaked in the Bible, and animated by hearts converted by faith through grace to seek justice and peace for all people.


Melbourne incorporates

A special meeting of synod has voted to change the diocese’s legal structure to a registered corporation in response to abuse claims.


Indian synod ends in brawl

Police were called to Saturday's meeting of the Kerala CSI Synod in Thiruvanthapuram, when  arguments over ammendments to the church's constitution led to a melee that shut down proceedings.


Letter from Los Angeles: "Bishop violence" and St James Newport Beach

Episcopalians in Newport Beach are marching one-by-one and two-by-two, locked out by their own Bishop, Jon Bruno.


Evangelical elected Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church

A liberal evangelical, Michael Curry of North Carolina will be the church's first African American presiding bishop


Ecumenical partners in short supply at General Convention

Episcopalians are continuing calls for unity with other Christian churches despite actions that have had the effect of increasing divisions between Episcopalians, Global South Anglicans and other branches of historic Christianity.


Evangelicals release statement on marriage follow Supreme Court ruling

“We will not capitulate on marriage because biblical authority requires that we cannot."