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Tyranny in Vestments

Let us speak of kings in black robes, and of ministers in bright vestments.


Richard III reinterred at Leicester Cathedral

The Archbishop of Canterbury led prayers and the blessing at the reinterment of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral today. Archbishop Justin Welby blessed the remains of Richard III during a sp


Welby to China

The Archbishop of Canterbury will visit China on 27 May to 5 June 2015 at the joint invitation of the China State Administration for Religious Affairs and the China Christian Council


Bishops call for commission in response to Cook arrest

The House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church has endorsed a resolution calling for the creation of an independent commission to “explore the canonical, environment, behavioral and procedural dimensions" of bishops and alcohol abuse.


Diocese of Cuba votes to rejoin US Episcopal Church

The 19-22 Feb 2015 meeting of the Cuban Synod rejected the counsel of the Archbishop of Canada and voted to rejoin the Episcopal Church of the USA.


Bishop of Central New York announces resignation

I write to inform you that I have indicated to the Standing Committee my intention to resign as your Bishop Diocesan on or about October 31, 2016


Indaba is dead

The push by the Gafcon primates to bring wayward African provinces back into the fold has worked


Boston College to Host Theologians for Dialogue on Anglican-Roman Catholic Relations

An international group of 16 prominent Anglican and Roman Catholic theologians and church leaders is gathered at Boston College March 22-26 for the third annual meeting of the Malines Conversation Group, a grassroots forum committed to dialogue and unity.


Church call for an end to witch murders

Evangelization and education are needed to halt the witchcraft related killings plaguing Tanzania, church leaders said last week.


Kenyan court upholds school hijab ban

A Kenyan court has upheld the right of a church school to ban the wearing of the hijab by Muslim students.


Lusophone network formed

Representatives of some of the Anglican Lusophone churches gathered last month in Brazil to strengthen the bonds of the Portuguese speaking churches in Brazil, Africa and Europe.


New primate for Central America

The Bishop of Nicaragua, the Rt. Rev. Sturdie Downs, has been elected the fifth primate of the Anglican Church in Central America (IARCA) in succession to the Bishop of Guatemala, the Most. Rev.


Irish bishops divided over gay marriage referendum

The Bishop of Kilmore has backed the “no” vote campaign ahead of the Irish referendum on same-sex marriage


Evangelicals under attack in Crimea

One year since the annexation of Crimea by Russia, Ukrainian Christians say they are facing persecution by separatists.


Anglican Environmental Network appeal for Vanuatu

An appeal for prayers and for practical aid for the people of the South Pacific

Letter from South Sudan -- Peace Process Broken Down

Many of you are following the events of South Sudan peace talks in Addis. Unfortunately, the Phase 3 of peace talks, which ended on March 5, has not yielded with any positive progress.


Canterbury condolences to victims of Taliban attack

The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke via mobile phone today to mourners at the funeral of Christians killed two days ago in church bombings in the Pakistani city of Lahore.


Statement from Canon Giles Goddard

The Inclusive Mosque Initiative event hosted by St John’s Church, Waterloo, for International Women’s Day has given rise to great consternation, and I am sorry for the offence caused and any infrin


Can Muslims worship Allah in an Anglican church?

The apology this afternoon by Giles Goddard of St John’s Waterloo is nothing of the sort.


Cross and Christ covered up as Muslims worship in Southwark parish

Muslim prayer services may not be held on consecrated ground, a spokesman for the Bishop of Southwark tells Anglican Ink


Cathedral priest arrested on DUI - drugs charges

A curate at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York was arrested last week by Port Authority Police for drunk driving and possession of narcotics.


Archbishop of Canterbury's sermon at Afghanistan service

Sermon preached by Archbishop Justin Welby on 13 March 2015 at a service at St Paul's Cathedral to mark the end of combat operations in Afghanistan.


CAPA meets in Cape Town

Anglican Church leaders from across Africa are being hosted at meetings in Cape

Bishop of Rochester supports national Housing Rally

The Right Reverend James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester is supporting the 2015 “Homes for Britain” campaign which brings the entire UK housing sector together for the first time, in the run up to t


Security Services pledge a peaceful election for Nigeria

The full resources of the Nigerian military and police will be used to en


Nigerian church rejects bribery accusations

Claims the government of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan gave £20 mi


Gun battle leaves two dead after cathedral robbery

Police have arrested the adopted son of the Bishop of Akoko Edo, the Rt. Rev.


Dust-up in Fort Worth over All Saints

As I reported at the end of this post, Bishop Iker made an overture to the congregation of All Saints in the rump diocese to use the dispute resolution process of diocesan Canon 32 to reach a settlement as to which faction of All Saints parish would remain in control of the property


Revolutionary love: Archbishop Justin Welby on Evangelism

The Archbishop of Canterbury has set out his vision for a Church in which every Christian shares "the revolutionary love" of Jesus Christ.


The Meaning of the Fort Worth Decision

The brief summary judgment order signed last Monday by Judge Chupp does not even begin to touch on the significance that lies behind it.


Zambia 'shall remain a Christian nation' says new president

The newly elected President of Zambia, Edgar Lungu, addressed a national service of thanksgiving last week at Holy Cross Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka, urging the national to put aside political dif


Uganda bishop drops lawsuit against Archbishop Ntagali

The law suit brought by the Bishop of Kitgum, challenging the call by the General Synod of the Church of Uganda that he take early retirement, has been settled out of court, the church reports.


Murdered Houston vicar laid to rest

The Texas vicar who was allegedly murdered by his son was laid to rest last week at his his home parish, St. James Anglican Cathedral in Ruhara, Uganda


New Presiding Bishop for Hungary

The General Convent or synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary has elected the Bishop of Budapest, the Rt. Rev. István Szabó as its presiding bishop


Warnings of a clergy revolt given to Bishop of Southwark

A manifesto calling upon the Bishop of Southwark to govern his diocese in conformance with the Canons of the Church of England and Holy Scripture has been delivered this week to the Rt. Rev. Christopher Chessun.


Archbishop calls upon politician to put the country first

Nigeria’s parlous political state was the theme of the presidential address of Archbishop Nicholas Okoh to the Church of Nigeria Standing Committee last month.


No decision on gay blessings from South African bishops

The House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa has been unable to come to a common mind on the issue of gay blessings, but have agreed to continue dialogue


Martin Heidegger believed Jews responsible for the Holocaust newly printed diaries show

The existentialist philosopher held the Jews to be responsible for the Holocaust, claimed Italian scholar Donatella Di Cesare last week in the Corriere della Sera.


Episcopal Church statement on Fort Worth ruling

On Tuesday, March 2, 2015, the Hon. John P. Chupp of the 141st District Court, Tarrant County, Texas, denied the Local Episcopal Parties’ and The Episcopal Church’s Motions for Summary Judgments.


Ft Worth Press Release on Court Decision

On Monday, March 2, 2015, the 141st District Court granted our Motion for Partial Summary Judgment regarding all diocesan property, with the exception of All Saints’, Fort Worth, which Judge Chupp severed for a separate trial.


ECUSA and the Freedom of Association: a Showdown Is Coming

Litigation between the Episcopal Church (USA) and its parishes has been ongoing for more than fifteen years


Court rules in Favor of Ft Worth Diocese

Late this afternoon, Judge Chupp released his ruling in our case.


Lord Carey's speech in favor of Mitochondrial DNA donations

The former Archbishop of Canterbury writes in the Daily Mail in support of legislation permitting "three parent families"


Bishop Orris J. Walker, Jr., of Long Island dead

The Rt. Rev. Orris Walker Jr., retired bishop for the Diocese of Long Island and bishop-in-residence locally at Christ Church, Detroit, died Saturday evening after an extended illness.


Coptic support for Egyptian strikes against ISIS

Coptic Orthodox Bishop of New York writes to the New York Times saying al-Sisi government's strikes against ISIS are uniting Egypt against a common foe


New Cathedra and Cross for Leicester Cathedral

A new Cathedra, or bishop’s chair, and free standing cross will be part of the £2.5m refurbishment of Leicester Cathedral in preparation for the burial next month of the last Plantagenet King, Rich


Patrick Sookhdeo convicted of assault

The Rev. Patrick Sookhdeo has resigned as director of the Christian relief agency, Barnabas Aid International, after an English court found him guilty of assault.


Maori bishop suspended over hostile statements about Islam/Judaism

The archbishops of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia have suspended Bishop John Gray over remarks he made at an inter faith round table.


GAFCON Lenten Pastoral Letter

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala has commended to Anglicans round the world, Dr. Martin Davie's critique of "Living Reconciliation", which the archbishop believes is "not faithful of the Bible's teaching that reconciliation has evangelism at its heart."


Austin parish seeks affiliation with Fort Worth Diocese

Bishop Iker has received a letter from the Rev. Canon Len Giacolone, Rector of St.


SC Court Makes Short Shrift of ECUSA's Motion

Once you get past all the parties who had to be served with it, Judge Goldstein's order disposing of ECUSA's motion is just two pages in length


Motion for Reconsideration denied

Report from the Episcopal Church in South Carolina


Motion for Reconsideration Denied in South Carolina

For the second time in less than a month, South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Diane S. Goodstein rejected arguments by The Episcopal Church and its subsidiary, The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, that the two groups are rightful owners of the churches, symbols and other assets of the Diocese of South Carolina.


Bishops' Betrayal

Gavin Ashenden writes about the Church of England Bishops' Pastoral/Political letter


Court Order holding Episcopal Church liable for sanctions in the Diocese of Quincy case

"Although we thought the following conclusion was clear from our determination in Altgilbers, we will make it clear now: plaintiffs won." Judge Mark Drummond


Sanctions handed down by Illinois court against the Episcopal Church

On Friday, the trial court judge in the Quincy case issued a strongly worded order to TEC and its attorneys that began with these words:


Bishops political pastoral letter was not political, Archbishop Welby claims

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has rejected charges that the Church of England's pre-election pastoral letter backs the Labour Party.


Phase 1 of Washington National Cathedral repairs complete

National Cathedral reports on its rebuilding campaign following the 2011 earthquake


St George's Jerusalem advertises for a new dean

Applications accepted until May 15 for dean of the cathedral and college in Jerusalem


General Synod February 2015

The Administrative Secretary of the Church of England's Central Secretariat has prepared a summary of last week’s General Synod business


The Eco-Bishops are coming to town

Anglican bishops from some of the regions of the world most challenged by climate change – from Fiji to Argentina, and Namibia to Alaska – are to meet in Cape Town next week to work out strategies for achieving climate justice.


Legal challenge filed to NZ gay blessings motion

A challenge has been filed with the Judicial Committee of the ACANZP over the constitutionality of a Motion adopted by last year’s meeting of General Synod that permitted clergy to bless civil same-sex unions.


Fort Worth trial court ruling expected soon

Oral arguments on each side’s motion for partial summary judgement were heard this morning in a two-hour hearing before the Hon. John Chupp


Maori vicar general demoted, or maybe not

A Maori bishop has been demoted following comments he made last month to an interfaith meeting that church leaders believed offended Muslims and Jews. The Rt. Rev.


Alpha Course can end tribal hatred in Africa

The Archdeacon of Lusaka has called upon Anglicans to be a witness to the people of Zambia by setting aside tribal hatreds


Clerical Concern

A letter to the editor printed in The Times of London on 20 Feb 2015


House of Bishops' Pastoral Letter on the 2015 General Election

The House of Bishops of the Church of England have today expressed the hope for political parties to discern "a fresh moral vision of the kind of country we want to be" ahead of the General Election in May of this year.


‘People of the cross’ murdered by IS militants

The Archbishop of Sydney says Australians should be shocked, repulsed and outraged by the slaughter of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, murdered for their faith in Libya.


Archbishop Beach on the martyrs of Libya

Please join me in mourning with the families of the 21 Egyptian Christians who gave their lives for Christ, and please join me in prayerful expectation for what the Lord may be preparing to do in North Africa.


The Bishop of Sherborne, Dr. Graham Kings, appointed Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church Mission Society and Durham University have become partners in creating an innovative seven year post: Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion.


Archbishop of Egypt's statement on Libyan martyrs

"It is with great sadness I write you today about the heinous murder of 21 Egyptian Christians at the hand of the so-called lslamic State branch in Libya"


Archbishop of Canterbury's statement on Libyan martyrs

Responding to events in Denmark, Libya and Nigeria over recent days, the Archbishop of Canterbury issued the following statement this morning:


Australia's first women priest dead at 67

Australia’s first female priest has died. The Rt. Rev. Barbara Darling, the former Bishop of the Eastern Region of Melbourne died on 15 Feb 2015.


Living Reconciliation ‘Deeply Problematic’

GAFCON highlights critical review of ACC book justifying indaba


Welby denies apologizing for the bombing of Dresden

Justin Welby angered by Daily Mail characterization of his remarks in Germany


Justin Welby condemns anti-Semitism as 'blasphemy'

Opening remarks by Archbishop of Canterbury at the launch of the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism, hosted by the Archbishop at Lambeth Palace on 9 Feb 2015


Sydney archbishop calls for release of illegal immigrant children

Dr Glenn Davies says the situation of children in detention 'should concern every Australian'


ECUSA to Judge Goodstein: "We, not You, Get to Say What Is Ours"

As predicted in this space, the Episcopal Church (USA) and its rump group have, precisely on the last possible day to do so, filed a motion asking Judge Goodstein to "reconsider" (actually, replace


Episcopal Church files motion for reconsideration in South Carolina case

The Episcopal Church and its local diocese, The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, on 13 Feb 2015 file


Canterbury offers his 'regrets' for the 1945 bombing of Dresden

Speech given by Archbishop Justin Welby at the Frauenkirche in Dresden today, during a service to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the allied bombing of the German city.


Plea from church leaders to curtail Hindu extremists

The Moderator of the Church of South India has called upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speak out against the campaign by Hindu extremists to convert by force Christians to their faith.