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Changing Attitude England writes to the College of Bishops

A week ago the Trustees of Changing Attitude England wrote to every bishop and elected senior woman in advance of the meeting of the College of Bishops from September 15-17 when they will start the


Re-creating Campus Ministry

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship forced to find new ways to operate in california after University System ruling requires permitting non-Christians to be chapter leaders


Billy Graham: a secret Anglican?

America’s Pastor, historian Grant Wacker’s assessment of the long career of Billy Graham, is to be published at the end of November by Harvard University Press.


Out of Kurdistan

A report from the Rev. Jerry Kramer on his visit this week to Christian refugees in Kurdistan.


Central Florida youth worker dismissed following arrest

The Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida has received information regarding the arrest of a parish youth worker who  Florda Department of Law Enforcement investigators say had child pornography o

Archbishop invites young Christians to spend year praying at Lambeth Palace

Archbishop Justin Welby is opening up Lambeth Palace to adults aged 20-35 to spend a year living, praying and studying together as a radical new Christian community


Nazir-Ali urges action in Iraq

In a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph printed on Sept 2, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali has urged immediate military action in Iraq to save the country's religious minorities from ISIS.


Prayers for the release of captured Fijian peacekeepers

The Archbishop of Polynesia has issued a call to prayer for the safe release of 44 Fijian soldiers captured by Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights.


Wolfhart Pannenberg dead

Theologian Wolfhart Pannenberg died on Friday in Munich. Prof. William G. Witt offers an appreciation.


Same-sex blessings arrive at Falls Church Episcopal

A historic Episcopal parish that counts U.S. President George Washington among its past vestry members has hosted its first blessing of a same-sex union.


York plea for sanctuary for Iraq's Christians

The Archbishop of York has urged the British government to open the country's doors to Christians fleeing persecution in Iraq and Syria.


Archbishop of York fasts for peace in Iraq

[Sep 1, 2014] The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu today ended his eight-day long fast and prayer for peace.


Unprecedented meeting of Middle East church leaders and the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace

In an unprecedented ecumenical meeting at Lambeth Palace hosted by The Most Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, and initiated by His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Ort


Letter to the Episcopal Church from the Reimaging Taskforce

As the Taskforce for Reimagining The Episcopal Church (TREC) has progressed in our work, we have come to see the raising and unbinding of Lazarus as a helpful way of understanding this moment in th


Ebola prayers for West Africa

The Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa has asked Christians to observe one Sunday as “Ebola Sunday” and to pray for God’s blessing and healing of those afflicted


Uganda census underway

The Primate of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev. Stanley Ntagali, has urged Ugandans to do their part in making the 2014 national census a success.


Anglicans protest church demolition

An estimated 25,000 Anglicans marched on government house in Onitsha in Nigeria’s Anambra State last week, demanding a church pulled down allegedly by the government be rebuilt.


Kenyan archbishop backs no campaign

The Primate of the Anglican Church of Kenya, the Most Rev.


Canterbury tells NZ Anglicans to let go of the past

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s advice to New Zealand Anglicans to let go of their nostalgia for the earthquake damaged Christchurch Cathedral and build a new structure in keeping w


Anglicans say no to stoning gays

Church leaders in Kenya have urged Parliament to kill a bill calling for a sentence of death by stoning for foreigners convicted of sodomy.


Gafcon in talks with New Zealand parish

The Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans is in talks to offer alternative episcopal oversight to a breakaway New Zealand congregation, The Church of England Newspaper has learned.  T


Second Canadian archdeacon arraigned on fraud charges

The Executive Archdeacon of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador has pled guilty to theft. On 12 August 2014 the Ven.


San Joaquin to appeal trial court property ruling

The Rt. Rev. Eric Menees, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin, writes that the diocese will appeal a lower court ruling that vested parish property with the national Episcopal Church.


Global South Statement regarding the Diocese of South Carolina

The Global South of the Anglican Communion welcomes the unanimous request of Bishop Mark Lawrence and the Convention of the Diocese of South Carolina to “accept the offer of the newly created Global South Primatial Oversight Council for pastoral oversight of our ministry as a diocese during the temporary period of our discernment of our final provincial affiliation.”


Hear My People's Cry: An Appeal to the people of goodwill

We hear the cries of innocent people from Nigeria, Sudan, Pakistan and throughout the Middle East. Atrocities are being committed in the name of religion. We are often reminded in the West that “Islam is the religion of peace.” Qur’an teaches “Let there be no compulsion in religion” Then what is wrong with this picture?


Archbishop Okoh: Ebola will be defeated by science and prayer

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh has urged Nigerians to seek medical attention if they suspect they have been infected by the Ebola virus, and not to look to faith healing as a cure for the disease.


Coote case closed

The Diocese of The Murray has revoked the license of its former archdeacon for abuse


Crime tops church agenda for the West Indies

Crime is destroying the fabric of West Indian life, the Bishop of Trinidad and Tobago, the Rt. Rev. Claude Berkley told his diocesan synod last week.


Joint statement on Iraq by the Archbishops of Canterbury and Melbourne

Archbishop Justin Welby and Archbishop Philip Freier made a joint statement on the crisis in northern Iraq during press conference in Melbourne, Australia yesterday.


IRD interviews Archbishop Foley Beach

Transitioning into his new role, the recently elected Archbishop Foley Beach of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) kindly shared some of his time to explain his vision for the ACNA’s social engagement in an interview with Jacob Stubbs for IRD.


Two new counts of abuse laid against Bishop Ball by police

The former Bishop of Gloucester was summoned to the Brighton Magistrates Court last week to answer allegations that he had sexually assaulted a teenaged boy and a young man.


PB asks for a day of prayer for those in Iraq

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori has urged Episcopalians to observe Sunday, August 17, as a day of prayer for those in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East living in fear of their lives,


Banner year for TEC trusts

The treasurer’s office of the Episcopal Church of the USA reports the church’s investment performance continues to be strong.


Delhi bishop quits

The Church of North India’s Bishop in Delhi, the Rt. Rev. Sunil Kumar Singh, wrote to the members of his diocesan synod announcing he was standing down for health reasons.


Calcutta Cathedral falling down

St Paul’s Cathedral in Calcutta has launched an appeal for aid to save the Gothic revival style cathedral from falling down.


Ebola fears halt use of common communion cup in Nigeria

The Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in Nigeria have suspended the exchange of peace and the common cup during Eucharist services in order to halt the spread of the Ebola virus.


ACNA priest murdered

Police have arrested a North Carolina man and have charged him with the murder of the Rev. Kent Torrey Hinkson, a retired volunteer priest at All Saints Anglican Church in Durham, NC.


Slaughter of the innocents underway in Iraq

The Vicar of Baghdad Andrew White spoke to the BBC this week, reporting on the crisis unfolding in Northern Iraq.


Gloucester diocesan statement on Bishop Perham

Letter from the Bishop of Tewkesbury, the Rt Revd Martyn Snow, to the Diocese of Gloucester following the resignation of Bishop Michael Perham


Bishop of Gloucester questioned by police

A second Bishop of Gloucester has been questioned by police over claims of sexual abuse.


SOS from Iraq

The Chaldean Patriach of Babylon has issued an appeal to save the Christians of Iraq from the terror of the forces of the Islamic State (IS)


Statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury on Iraq

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, issued the following statement today on the situation in Iraq, shortly before he travelled from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea.


Killings escalate in Iraq

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, says fer


Canterbury arrives in Manila

The Archbishop of Canterbury arrived in Manila yesterday at the start of a 10-day visit to Anglican provinces in the Pacific.


N ن

Dean Phillip Jensen of Sydney urges Western Christians to adopt ن (the Arabic symbol for the letter n) as a symbol of their faith.


Irish primate castigates Lord Carey's "perplexing" support for suicide

The Primate of All-Ireland has criticized Lord Carey’s about face in support of euthanasia, saying the former Archbishop of Canterbury’s support for a bill proposed by Lord Falconer before Parliame


Are we helping to die or helping to live?

The Archbishop of Armagh has rejected calls to legalize euthanasia


No sale for GAFCON in New Zealand

The Gafcon movement has yet to close a sale with congregations quitting the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, Anglican Ink has learned.


Wabukala's plea for peace

As Chairman of GAFCON, I want to join with other Christian leaders who have called for an immediate end to the fighting between Hamas and Israel,


Bishops on the hook for $25 million debt

A law suit has been filed against the current and former bishops of Bathurst of the Anglican Church of Australia to recoup approximately $25 million lost in the collapse of the Ang


Okoh calls for united front against Boko Haram

The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, the Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh has called on all Nigerians to unite against the threat from Boko Haram.


Prayer is the answer to crisis in the Middle East, Bishop of Egypt writes

The Middle East is groaning.  You hear about what is happening in Iraq and the many Christians who are being forced to leave their homes and also those who were killed by ISIS (Daash).  Over 1,500


Archbishop Beach issues call to prayer and action for Syria and Iraq

Greetings in the Name our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  May God grant you the abundance of His Grace as you follow Him day by day!


Vatican says no to happy clappy masses

The Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship (CDW) has urged the church’s bishops to crack down on boisterous exchanges of peace during the Eucharist service.


The Diocese of Quincy: the mouse that roared.

On July 24, 2014 the Diocese of Quincy (Quincy) won a major victory against The Episcopal Church (TEC) and the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago after nearly 6 years of litigation and a two week trial i


West Indies applauds Synod vote on women bishops

Leaders of the Church of the Province of the West Indies have applauded General Synod’s vote last week to permit the consecration of women bishops, saying the Caribbean churches wi


Newcastle bishop denounces govt immigration policies

The Anglican Church of Australia’s Bishop of Newcastle, the Rt. Rev.


NZ congregation quits church over gay marriage vote

A second New Zealand congregation and its clergy have quit the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia over the May vote by that church’s general synod to begin the


Meriam Ibrahim freed

Meriam Ibrahim and her family have arrived safely in Italy after criminal charges against her and her husband were dismissed and they were permitted to leave the Sudan.


Stand with Canterbury in solidarity with Iraq's Christians

Archbishop Justin Welby today requested that his homepage photo be changed to the Arabic letter for "N" in solidarity with persecuted Christians suffering in Iraq.


Making Sense of the Trial in South Carolina

In trying to make sense of the trial in South Carolina (which I did not attend, but know only from the reports of those who did), I noted certain pervasive themes.


Sydney Archbishop calls for an end to Iraqi persecution

The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, has joined calls for prayer and international assistance for Iraqi Christians facing severe persecution, even death, for their faith.


Statement from Archbishop Justin Welby on Gaza

"You can't look at the pictures coming from Gaza and Israel without your heart breaking," Justin Welby said on 30 July 2014.


Capetown appeal for peace

The Archbishop of Capetown, the Most Rev. Thabo Makgoba, issues a call to prayer for the people of Gaza and the Ukraine.


Bishopscourt sale process

The chairman of the Anglican Property Trust, Dr Robert Tong, says an initial offering of the neo-gothic mansion ‘Bishopscourt’ in Darling Point, has been encouraging but no buyer has yet emerged.


Australian diocese facing liquidation

The Anglican Church of Australia’s Diocese of Bathurst has launched a million dollar appeal to fund its legal battle to save its properties from foreclosure. Last week the Rt.


Archbishop publishes prayers for Mosul

The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, has today published three prayers highlighting the worsening situation in Iraq where Christians and Muslims are being killed by ISIS forces.


Christian aid workers murdered in Afghanistan

The International Assistance Mission, IAM, reports that two of its missionaries in Herat, Afghanistan, have been killed.


Kurdistan declares "safe haven" for Christian refugees

Kurdistan has declared a safe-haven for Christian refugees, as Islamist militants extinguish the Christian presence in Iraq’s second city, Mosul.


Statement from Bishop Mouneer about Iraqi Christians

Dr. Mouneer Anis calls upon the world to save Iraq's persecuted Christians


Illinois Appellate Court Affirms Judgment for Anglican Diocese

On July 24, 2014 the Illinois Appellate Court for the Fourth District filed its opinion in the appeal taken by the Episcopal Church from a judgment entered against it by the Hon. Thomas J. Ortbal in September 2013.


Nigerian churchmen lament CoE synod vote on women bishops

Leaders of the Church of Nigeria have voiced their displeasure with the vote by the Church of England’s General Synod to permit the consecration of women to the episcopate.


Day fourteen diocesan report on the South Carolina Trial

Bishop Says He Tried to Keep Diocese in TEC – But Denomination Tried to Strip His Authority


South Sudan losing faith in its political leaders bishop claims

The Bishop of Rejaf has warned South Sudan's politicians that they have lost the trust of the nation.


Church building ban imposed by Khartoum

The Sudanese government has banned the construction of Christian churches.


TEC loses Quincy Appeal

The Dennis Canon does not apply to property owned by a diocese, the 4th Appellate Court of Illinois held on 24 July 2014, ruling the neutral principles of law doctrine controlling Illinois church property disputes gives title to $3.5 million in funds and title to the diocesan office to the breakaway Diocese of Quincy.


Dalai Lama leads interfaith call for peace in Ceylon

The Dalai Lama has added his voice to the call made by Anglican leaders of the Church of Ceylon for an end to Buddhist attacks on the country’s Muslim minority.


Day thirteen diocesan report on the South Carolina Trial

Rebuttal Witness testifies that the words “Protestant Episcopal Church” preceded the existence of TEC in both England and the United States.


Multifaith Service for Flight MH17 victims

A Multifaith Service at St Paul’s Cathedral in Melbourne on Thursday 24 July at 10am will mark the tragic loss last week of 298 lives aboard Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.


Memorial for the dead of MH 17 at Parliament House

Prayers were said in Parliament House, Canberra, surrounding the signing of the Book of Condolence for the victims of the MH17 aircraft disaster on Wednesday 23 July 2014.


Day twelve diocesan report on the South Carolina Trial

Judge Again Says, “I Won’t Try that Case. It’s Neutral Principles”


Church of North India treasurer charged with fraud

Police have filed charges of fraud against the treasurer of the Church of North India, accusing Mr. Prem Mashih of participating in a conspiracy to sell church lands for personal profit.


Chief Justice appointed Jamaican diocesan chancellor

The Chief Justice of Jamaica has been appointed Chancellor of the Diocese of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.


Hong Kong archbishop under fire from democracy activists

The Archbishop of Hong Kong is facing criticism after he told pro-Democracy activists to be “silent like Jesus”


Obama Administration is ignoring the religious roots of Boko Haram, archbishop charges

American foreign policy has ignored the religious ideology motivating the Boko Haram terrorist group, the Most. Rev. Nicholas Okoh told the Baptist Press last week.


Canterbury writes to new Archbishop of Sudan

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has written to the Rt Revd Ezekiel Kondo who was enthroned yesterday as Archbishop of the new Internal Province of Sudan.


Day eleven diocesan report on the South Carolina Trial

TEC Spends Day Making Arguments that Judge Rules Irrelevant to the Case


WCC general secretary reappointed to five year term

The Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit has been appointed to a second five-year term as general secretary of the World Council of Churches