Pakistani Police warn of potential terror attacks on Christians

The Pakistan police have sent a letter to all the leaders of Christian institutes warning them about possible terrorist attacks, organized in connection with the case of Asia Bibi.


Former archbishop of Burma dead

The Most Rev. Samuel San Si Htay passed away on 14 Nov 2018


English priest elected ACNA bishop in New England

The 10th Annual Synod of the Anglican Diocese in New England (ADNE) elected the Rev. Andrew Williams to be the next Bishop of the diocese on Saturday, November 17, 2018. 


Bishop of Ballarat will not be promoting same-sex blessing liturgy

The Bishops’ Agreement appears to be having its effect in restraining any precipitous actions, writes David Ould


Barbados bishop appointed

West Indian bishops appoint Fr. Michael Maxwell to be the 14th Bishop of Barbados


South Island parish quits NZ church

St Matthew's Dunedin quits diocese of Dunedin over gay marriage


UN grant for Diocese of Liberia program to combat gender violence

Episcopal Relief & Development and the humanitarian arm of the Episcopal Church of Liberia (ECL-RD) were awarded a second $670,000 three-year grant from the 


Cathedral launches its own brand gin

Blackburn dean: "It’s about engaging with people; that’s our core business"