Court rules in Favor of Ft Worth Diocese

Late this afternoon, Judge Chupp released his ruling in our case.


Lord Carey's speech in favor of Mitochondrial DNA donations

The former Archbishop of Canterbury writes in the Daily Mail in support of legislation permitting "three parent families"


Bishop Orris J. Walker, Jr., of Long Island dead

The Rt. Rev. Orris Walker Jr., retired bishop for the Diocese of Long Island and bishop-in-residence locally at Christ Church, Detroit, died Saturday evening after an extended illness.


Coptic support for Egyptian strikes against ISIS

Coptic Orthodox Bishop of New York writes to the New York Times saying al-Sisi government's strikes against ISIS are uniting Egypt against a common foe


New Cathedra and Cross for Leicester Cathedral

A new Cathedra, or bishop’s chair, and free standing cross will be part of the £2.5m refurbishment of Leicester Cathedral in preparation for the burial next month of the last Plantagenet King, Rich


Patrick Sookhdeo convicted of assault

The Rev. Patrick Sookhdeo has resigned as director of the Christian relief agency, Barnabas Aid International, after an English court found him guilty of assault.


Maori bishop suspended over hostile statements about Islam/Judaism

The archbishops of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia have suspended Bishop John Gray over remarks he made at an inter faith round table.


GAFCON Lenten Pastoral Letter

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala has commended to Anglicans round the world, Dr. Martin Davie's critique of "Living Reconciliation", which the archbishop believes is "not faithful of the Bible's teaching that reconciliation has evangelism at its heart."