Anglican Bishops March Proclaiming “Every Life is a Gift”

A delegation of one dozen bishops from the Anglican Church in North America joined in the annual March for Life on Thursday, January 22 in Washington, D.C.


Statement by York on the consecration of a traditionalist bishop for Burnley

The Archbishop of York will delegate the consecration of a traditionalist bishop in his province to bishops who do not ordain women priests


African Anglicans fall out over support for the Episcopal Church of the USA

CAPA is on the verge of disintegration after leaders of the Gafcon coalition called upon its chairman, the Archbishop of Burundi, to repent or resign in the wake of an October communiqué he endorsed that backed the Episcopal Church of the USA.


Gafcon letter to Burundi

A letter was sent from the December 2014 Gafcon primates meeting in Nairobi to Archbishop Ntahoturi, and as no reply has been received, the letter is now being made public in order to avoid misunderstanding.


Foley Beach's Martin Luther King Day sermon

“Dr. King demonstrated that one man, devoted to Jesus Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, and obeying the call of God, can literally change a nation, and impact other nations throughout the world.”


"Onward, Christian Soldiers" manuscript to be auctioned

BOSTON, MA – A rare handwritten manuscript of “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” signed by Sabine Baring-Gould will be featured at a live auction event by Boston, MA based RR Auction this week. Baring-G


Pretoria bishop backs call for holiday honoring martyred miners

Bishop Jo Seoka has asked the South African government to declare August 16 a national holiday in honor of the 34 mineworkers killed by police in a 2012 labor strike.


Religion not poverty is driving Boko Haram, Anglican leaders warn

The threat posed by Boko Haram to the people of Nigeria was the focus of discussion at last week’s meeting of the House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria.


Anglican greetings for Francis in Sri Lanka

The Anglican bishops of Sri Lanka were amongst the ecumenical guests to greet Pope Francis on his tour of Asia last week.