Irish gay marriage referendum will not change church practice, bishops declare

A Statement from the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of Ireland Following the Result of the Marriage Referendum (RoI)


Transgender Motion submitted to General Synod

The Diocese of Blackburn has submitted a motion to General Synod calling upon the House of Bishops to create a liturgy to note sex changes


Pentecost pastoral letter from Gafcon chairman Archbishop Eliud Wabukala

"The Holy Spirit is given to those who repent, but the continuing crisis of the Anglican Communion has come about through a failure to call to repentance those who are systematically grieving the Holy Spirit by claiming that what Scripture calls sexual immorality is in fact new truth revealed by the Spirit."


Police expell ZANU-PF militants from Harare church farm

A joint military-police operation removed the members of the youth wing of the ruling ZANU-PF party from the church farm in Chitungwiza


American terrorism policies misguided says Wabukala

The Archbishop of Kenya urged Western nations to adopt a united front in the battle against Islamist terrorism


Nigerian archbishop endorses muscular Christianity

A healthy body helps form a healthy soul -- Archbishop Nicholas Okoh


Chilean archbishop offers support to breakaway diocese

The Most Rev. Tito Zavala has assured the breakaway Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina that its secession from the national Episcopal Church in 2012 did not end its membership in the Anglican Communion.


Irish Anglican woman bishop votes "no" on gay marriage

The Rt. Rev Patricia Storey has written a pastoral letter to her clergy in the United Diocese of Meath and Kildare, saying she will vote “no” in the Republic of Ireland’s referendum on gay marriage as it would harm children and the family.